COVID-19 has done a number on everything from our social lives to our skin’s health. If your skin is suffering from the stress of COVID life (not to mention mask-related skin issues!), then we have exactly what you need: the ATOPALM Skin Care Survival Kit.

The best part about our skin survival kit is that it won’t add to an already stressful situation. The keywords here are simplicity and efficiency. Most people aren’t interested in adding to their daily routine right now, so we’ve boiled skin care down to basics, and we’re offering this unique two-step mini Korean skin care regimen now at a special low price.

Our Skin Care Survival Kit contains Intensive Moisturizing Cream, and Moisturizing Hand Treatment. Both products rely heavily on Multi-Lamellar Emulsion (MLE), the star ingredient found in all ATOPALM products. If you’re going to use only one star ingredient on your skin, MLE should be it.

Why is MLE such a must-have? Our proprietary ingredient was designed to perfectly mimic the skin’s natural lipid layer, which is responsible for keeping moisture and other good stuff in the skin while simultaneously keeping all the bad stuff, like environmental toxins, out.

A weakened skin barrier is responsible for most dry skin issues, not to mention other skin issues like sensitivity, and even increased breakouts. Ergo, supporting the skin’s barrier is the #1 best way to get calmer, healthier, more beautiful skin.

When viewed under a microscope, MLE really looks exactly like the skin’s natural lipid layer. Check it out for yourself! MLE is able to replenish a compromised lipid layer, as well as supporting a healthy one. That means that MLE will get your skin back to health and then keep it there!

Intensive Moisturizing Cream was the first ATOPALM product, and still remains our #1 best-seller. The no-nonsense formulation contains a rich dose of MLE, as well as botanical oils like grape seed oil, olive fruit oil, and jojoba seed oil. It can be applied anywhere on the face or body, which is what makes it such an excellent addition to any skin care regimen.

Moisturizing Hand Treatment is the perfect sidekick to Intensive Moisturizing Cream. Featured in Vogue Magazine, our hand treatment is so much more than a lotion. Its rich texture instantly comforts dry hands, allowing hands to feel better while MLE and other moisturizers replenish skin from the inside out to provide lasting relief from dry hands.

Moisturizing Hand Treatment is must-have for use after all those hand washings we’ve become familiar with! Plus, it’ll save your hands from cold winter weather conditions as well.

Purchase Intensive Moisturizing Cream and Moisturizing Hand Treatment together as our COVID skin care survival kit, and save big! Take the stress away from caring for your skin, and save a bundle at the same time.
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