ATOPALM rose to fame in Korea for its unique ability to replace the ceramide structure of damaged skin with a bio-identical lipid formula, rather than simply use moisturizing ingredients to provide temporary topical relief of dryness. ATOPALM has remained the #1 brand for sensitive skin and has recently expanded its marketing to the United States and Europe through such online channels as its product website.

Nicole Andersson, one of social media's top fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle influencers endorses the healing properties of ATOPALM, K-beauty's top brand for sensitive skin after her own experience of skin improvement

The number one Korean skincare brand for sensitive skin, ATOPALM, has caught the attention and enthusiasm of Nicole Andersson, one of Asia’s favorite travel, lifestyle, fashion and beauty bloggers and social media influencers. She was drawn to ATOPALM’s clinically-proven ability to improve hydration in skin shortly after beginning regular use.

Andersson, who travels frequently for her job, is prone to dry and irritated skin due to the varieties of environments her work takes her to, as well as the skin-drying conditions that traveling itself can cause. In her vlog review of ATOPALM, she emphasized the relief ATOPALM’s Intensive moisturizing cream provided for her face as well as the Healing Foot Balm and Intensive Hand Moisturizing cream. “I really loved how they moisturized my skin despite all of my travels this month and despite me having such dry skin. I haven’t had a problem with any flaking or dry patches, which I’m really thankful for,” Andersson said in the vlog entry she filmed especially to review and endorse ATOPALM products. “I would highly recommend it to people who have highly dry, sensitive skin like myself.”

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Moisturizing Hand Treatment Moisturizing Hand Treatment

An anti-aging hand treatment for dry, wrinkled, or dull-looking hands.

Our Price: $21.00
Sale Price: $12.60

Daytime Undermakeup Moisture Cream Daytime Undermakeup Moisture Cream

A richly hydrating face moisturizer and makeup primer.

Our Price: $20.00
Sale Price: $16.00

Moisturizing Foot and Heel Balm Moisturizing Foot and Heel Balm

An exceptionally rich moisturizer for the feet.

Our Price: $21.00
Sale Price: $16.80

Moisturizing Facial Cleansing Foam Moisturizing Facial Cleansing Foam

A gentle, refreshing face cleanser for all skin types.

Our Price: $23.00
Sale Price: $17.25

Intensive Moisturizing Cream Intensive Moisturizing Cream

A deeply moisturizing face cream for creating softer, suppler skin.

Our Price: $42.00
Sale Price: $24.99

Atopalm Moisturizing Skin Revitalizing Complex Moisturizing Skin Revitalizing Complex

A highly advanced anti-aging skin care treatment for all aging skin types.

Our Price: $46.00
Sale Price: $32.00

Moisturizing Eye Repair Serum Moisturizing Eye Repair Serum

A powerful anti-aging eye serum for younger-looking eyes.

Our Price: $46.00
Sale Price: $36.80

Moisturizing Body Lotion Moisturizing Body Lotion

A lightweight yet powerful body lotion with vitamin E.

Our Price: $64.00
Sale Price: $44.80