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K-Beauty has been in the forefront of the beauty industry for years. It has proven itself to be so much more than a trend and instead earned a place amongst the most respected skin care philosophies and products in the world.

With the rise in the popularity of Korean skin care also came a rise in Korean skin care options. What was once only known to the Koreans themselves became a must-have for people across the globe. As demand went up, so did the number of Korean skin care and beauty companies, making it difficult to narrow down the choices in order to find the best K-beauty brands.

Enter ATOPALM, which has been voted the #1 favorite skin care line in Korea for over a decade. There’s no better way to find the best Korean skin care than to turn to the Korean people, and their votes show their opinion!

ATOPALM was developed by Dr. Park, a Korean research scientist turned Korean skin care developer. Along with ATOPALM, Dr. Park also developed Real Barrier, CureCode, and LaStella. Each of these brands contain unique technologies and formulations which care for the skin unlike anything else you’ve ever used.

First and foremost a scientist, Dr. Park only turned to skin care in order to treat his sons’ severe dermatitis. It was a father’s love and a research scientist’s knowledge that created the best Korean skin care products available. Now Dr. Park focuses solely on developing new and better technologies for skin care in order to bring optimum health to the skin.

DermArtOlogy is proud to offer all these brands alongside exclusive offers and discounts, K- beauty advice, and an insider’s look at the technologies behind Dr. Park’s formulations.

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Our passion at DermArtOlogy is showing people that skin health and beauty is within reach. These product formulations are truly the most advanced and most effective Korean skin care products on the market. The only way for you to experience these amazing products is to try them for yourself.

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  • CureCode Double Barrier Cream
  • CureCode Double Barrier Lotion
  • LaStella Aqua Quenching Gel
  • Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream
  • Real Barrier Aqua Soothing Gel Cream
  • Real Barrier Extreme Cream

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