If a dry, red and sensitive scalp are everyday issues, this shampoo and moisturizer are the perfect remedies for all three of those problems.

The shampoo is nutrient rich with Panthenol to help prevent hair thinning and Biotin to aid in stimulating hair growth. Recommended for those who have a dry scalp and are experiencing scalp dermatitis and irritation. It also helps restore the natural pH balance while providing relief for hair that is over dyed and has had too many permanent waves.

Coupled with the shampoo, the scalp moisturizer, which has a calming effect on sensitive skin, helps protect and strengthen the skin barrier with Restomide. Zinc Gluconate also aids in lessening scalp redness. This moisturizer also helps in slowing down sebum (oil) production.

Used together, on a regular basis, thicker, shinier hair and a less red and irritated scalp will be noticeable ,visible results. For the best outcome, products should be used regularly as a hair treatment regimen …wash hair, after towel drying, pour moisturizer into the palm of the hand, gently massage into scalp with fingertips. No need to rinse.
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Zeroid Rootheal Scalp Moisturizer Zeroid Rootheal Scalp Moisturizer

A high-performance scalp moisturizer that does not leave behind a sticky or greasy residue which moisturizes and soothes the scalp.

Our Price: $28.00
Sale Price: $22.40
Savings: $5.60
Zeroid Rootheal Mild Shampoo Zeroid Rootheal Mild Shampoo

A special shampoo, nutrient rich, low pH with hair conditioning benefits ideal for a dry and sensitive scalp.

Our Price: $29.00
Sale Price: $23.20
Savings: $5.80
Zeroid Rootheal Line Bundle Zeroid Rootheal Line Bundle

The Zeroid Rootheal Line Bundle is a set of the Rootheal line products: Zeroid Rootheal Mild Shampoo, Zeroid Rootheal Scalp Moisturizer.

Our Price: $57.00
Sale Price: $34.20
Savings: $22.80