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Eye Care

Have you ever noticed that most people start getting fine lines and wrinkles around their eyes before anywhere else? If you haven’t noticed already, you won’t be able to miss it now!

The fact is, the eye area shows visible signs of aging before any other spot on the face, and sometimes even the body! (Some are prone to sun spots on their hands early on as well.) The reasons for these premature visible signs of aging are simple: fragility, damage, and lack of moisture.

The skin around the eyes is especially thin and delicate, which makes it more likely to become damaged. On top of that, the eye area experiences a lot of damage! It takes sun damage, physical damage (rubbed your eyes lately?), and, for many people, damage from harsh makeup products being applied and removed on a daily basis. Finally, this thin skin has fewer sebaceous glands, leading to lower moisture levels.

When you look at it that way, it makes sense that the eye area often has dark circles, puffiness or bags, fine lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles.

Finding the right product for your needs is key. Define for yourself your priorities in your eye care and match those needs with benefits of the eye products.

Once you’ve chosen the right eye skin care product for you, it’s time to apply it with the gentleness and care that K-Beauty is known for.

Follow the below directions for the best application process for your eye cream:

  1. Follow your product’s packaging directions to dispense the proper amount of product onto one of your ring fingers.
  2. Dab your other ring finger into the cream so that it’s distributed evenly between your fingers.
  3. Now lightly tap — do not rub — the product onto the eye area, following the natural curvature of your under-eye area. Begin under the inner corners of the eyes, and gently tap in an outward motion, circling all the way up to the end of your eyebrow.
  4. Follow this same process and apply product just below brow line.
  5. Apply to those pesky wrinkles between the eye brows too!
  6. After the product has been tapped in, let it set for a minute to properly absorb.

By applying your eye care properly, you’ll avoid the rubbing and tugging that can deeply damage the delicate skin, leading to the visible signs of aging you’re trying to avoid!
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