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GPower Skin Barrier Light
G-Power Skin Barrier Device

The world’s 1st personal skin barrier measurement device to measure water loss, hydration and overall skin health.
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Big data and personalized skincare are two of the biggest trends in skincare. To validate these trends, ‘at-home’ skin diagnostic devices need to perform at clinical levels. Now, over half of world’s top 10 skincare brands have already adopted the gpskin Barrier (www.gpower.kr) as a skin diagnostic device.

The gpskin Barrier is the world’s 1st personal skin barrier measurement device to measure TEWL(TransEpidermal Water Loss) and SCH (Stratum Corneum Hydration). In 2017, they won Seoul Innovation Quickfire Challenge of Johnson & Johnson Innovation (https://www.cosmeticsdesign-asia.com/Article/2018/01/02/J-J-Innovation-unveils-Seoul-Innovation-Quickfire-Challenge-winners).

With gpskin Barrier, personalized skincare consultation and production recommendation service is ongoing by measuring a consumer’s skin at home or in stores. Various at-home clinical studies are performed to evaluate the real efficacy of skincare products.

Currently, personal skin treatment devices are major than diagnostic device in at-home skincare device market because consumer is willing to pay for skin treatment more than skin data. However, as more and more cosmetic companies attempt to offer personalized products, they will need reliable skin data from their customers. Therefore, the demand for skin measurement tools is expected to rise sharply in the next five years. In addition, the collaboration between at-home skin measurement tools and products is increasing because it is a new research and marketing method that enables clinical research and the marketing of products at the same time.

While the main application of the device is for beautiful and healthy skin care, we also hope to increase the home use of the device for people who suffer more serious issues from dry and sensitive skin. The skin barrier is very important to diagnosis of atopic dermatitis. Also, it can be measure skin condition of aged people. This device can be used to manage, monitor, and even help prevent chronic skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis or eczema. World leading universities including University of California San Francisco, Stanford University, Oregon Health & Science University, and Beijing Children’s hospital use the GPSKIN Barrier.

Smart K beauty Tip
Comprehensive skin analysis with gpskin Barrier

The gpskin Barrier is a device that measures the most important metrics on your skin. Made and designed in Seoul, South Korea, in the heart of K-Beauty’s booming cosmetic industry, the Barrier Light is the smartest solution to quantify your skin's data and uncover its needs at a deeper level.

Similarly to how a scale measures the body’s weight, the gpskin Barrier measures the skin’s health. The numerical results displayed on the app show both the skin’s water loss levels (TEWL; meaning skin barrier) and hydration levels. Based on these results, the consumer can know when and how much of the LaStella Cellif Microbalm to apply for the maximum effectiveness.

Test your skin care products.

The pairing of products with the gpskin Barrier provides the most scientific evidence to consumers of the effectiveness of monitoring and caring for the skin barrier. People will actually be able to see and experience the quantifiable results of this skincare system.

Tract your skin’s health.

Skin barrier science is very important for skin care. Our understanding of the lamella skin barrier’s structure of skin and how to recover place a damaged skin barrier with perfect crystal lamella MES formula a healthy one has revolutionized skin care. Instead of simply easing symptoms temporarily, MES (Micro encapsulation system) our formula together with a device that monitors skin’s health enables the consumer to strengthen and support their skin in a way they previously could not. Device which can measure skin condition exactly is essential device for scientific and smart skin care.

Smart K Beauty for sensitive skin

If a person has extremely dry skin that is prone to outbreaks of stress or other reasons such as acne or atopic dermatitis, the device shows them if and when their skin barrier water loss and hydration levels need preventive treatment.

Science of gpskin barrier


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