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The LaStella line was born out of the need to find methods to help skin that has been affected by stresses of the environment such as air pollution and also has been subjected to repeated use of makeup products. Formulated with ingredients that help restore the skin’s resiliency and provide a healthy, natural appearing radiance. These products can be of substantial assistance for those users who yearn for clear and beautiful skin.

The active ingredients are incorporated into micro capsules that help maintain their integrity and effectiveness until they are used and delivered into the skin.
With the setting sun, another day has passed and the nighttime sky envelopes the city!

LaStella’s research to help all types of skin problems is ongoing!

LaStella is a domestic skin care brand that has been highlighted in Hong Kong’s Bonjour. They are extremely selective regarding the brands that are featured on their shelves! LaStella is currently being carried by 60 of these beautiful stores and on their official online shopping malls throughout Hong Kong and Macau.

Now the innovative technology of LaStella is being made available to all in the US and is the basis for all products in the LaStella line.

The capsule sizes range from micro capsules that are invisible to macro capsules that are visible.

These capsules keep the active ingredients fresh from exposure to the air in order to protect them from oxidation. This helps the ingredients maintain their peak effectiveness until the product is dispensed and applied to the skin. The macro capsules contained in the formula are actually visible to the naked eye.

How do the ingredients in those capsules get onto the skin where they will be most effective? Not with a standard treatment pump!! LaStella technicians researched available pumps and realized that they would release intact macro capsules onto the skin with the specialty ingredients still inside. And, the creams would feel grainy!

A specialty pump ( system is patented) was developed that includes 4 layers of mesh, all different grid sizes, fitted into the pump mechanism. When the cream passes through the mesh layers, the macro capsules are reduced to micro capsules and all the specialty ingredients are released into the serum and then immediately applied to the skin for optimum benefits.

The serum is rapidly absorbed and leaves the skin feeling incredibly soft, smooth and moisturized and helps restore it to a healthy condition and provides a radiant appearance. Skin instantly senses the silky texture of the serum.

The LaStella products are housed in uniquely designed cartons. Inside is the specialty pump container that fits comfortably into the hand. Easy to use, real results.
Once LaStella products are experienced, it will be very difficult to use anything else.