Let’s talk urea, friends.

Urea is a component found on the surface of your natural skin. Urea is an active agent, a part of your natural moisturizing factor, which, simply stated, it's what keeps your skin moist, plump, youthful and healthy.

Here are some benefits of Urea:

Dry skin can be caused for many different reasons, but one popular reason is the reduction of your natural urea on your skin tissue. This can cause tightness, irritation, and dry, flaky patches. Because urea is a critical part of the natural moisturizing factor within your natural skin, adding a urea based cream to your skin care routine is aid in instant relief to dry, inflamed skin.

With proven studies, the main causes of premature aging in skin appearance is due to inflammation and dehydration. Because urea aids in the natural moisture process and reduces the cycles of inflammation and flare--ups (aiding in itch relief and skin sensitivities), urea offers anti-aging properties! Natural Exfoliant:
Stated as simply as possible, exfoliation is the shedding of layers. When referring to skin, exfoliation refers to shedding dead skin cells.Healthy skin naturally rids itself of dead skin cells about every 30 days. Since not all skin cells grow and shed at the exact same time, that essentially means your skin is constantly exfoliating—aka constantly shedding dead cells. Now, sometimes skin can’t or won’t exfoliate itself properly, leading to a buildup of dead skin cells. Excess dead skin can lead to many common skin concerns, such as breakouts, thick or rough patches (like on your heels), and certain forms of dermatitis.

Urea actually aids in dissolving of the keratin bonds which hold dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. By breaking down these bonds, the shedding of that dead skin cell buildup can occur naturally without any harsh treatment.

Dermartologist Recommended:
Our products are not only recommended by Dermartologists world wide but also Dermartologist tested.

Within our brands, we have multiple products that contain Urea. The Zeroid Richenic Cream 5% Urea and the ATOPALM Foot and Heal Balm also containing 5% urea. Learn more about these amazing products by heading over to their product pages below.

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Moisturizing Foot and Heel Balm ATOPALM Moisturizing Foot and Heel Balm

An exceptionally rich moisturizer for the feet.

Our Price: $21.00
Sale Price: $18.48
Savings: $2.52

Zeriod Richenic Cream Urea 5% Zeroid Richenic Cream Urea 5%

This specialty cream with 5% Urea, provides protection and relief for severely dry and cracked skin all over the body.

Our Price: $22.00